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Should you be using your mobile to place bets?

If you are a regular matched bettor, the chances are that you already have some bookmaker accounts restricted or even closed. Whilst this is very frustrating it is something we can do very little to change in the short term, however there are ways to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

We want to focus on one particular method and that is using your mobile to place all bets. As much as this might be a bit of a pain and may take a little longer to set up it is well worth it if it means more of your bookmaker accounts stay open.

We’ve already seen some bookmakers changing their offers to include exclusivity to mobile bets only. For example, 188Bet regularly runs a promotion whereby if a certain player scores first, or at any time in the match they refund all losing bets on all markets placed via a mobile. And to mention one other example, Betsafe run a weekly £10 free bet, where you need to place 5  x £10 bets throughout the week and you’ll receive a £10 free mobile bet.

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Now if we take these as signs that bookmakers prefer punters who place bets via their mobile as they consider them more ‘recreational’ bettors, then it is something worth considering if matched bettors want to blend in with mug punters.

Immediately I’m sure there are many drawbacks that spring to mind such as the hassle of downloading a number of betting apps, or even fiddling around with multiple tabs on the mobile browser. Not to mention the fact that matched betting tools don’t work as effectively on a mobile. But aside from all this, we think it is well worth using a mobile simply because it improves your chance of long term profitability.

It’s important to raise the point that this only one factor amongst many that determine whether or not you find your bookmaker accounts banned or restricted (we hate the term ‘gubbed’ as the general public don’t know what that term means, and we want to emphasise how badly some bookmakers treat us.. so we’re going with the term ‘banned’). Going back to the point of how not to get banned, placing mobile bets is a far less important factor compared to the size of the bet you place, or the odds, or the type of sport or event you regularly bet on. But many matched bettors will control the amounts of mug bets they place and try to disguise their betting activity with some low priced favourites that don’t fluctuate in price, however not so many matched bettors use a mobile to place their bets.

According to GPWA Time Magazine Nov 17 issue, they stated that 79% of PaddyPower Betfair’s online sports bets were mobile in nature, in 2016. Now with that figure set to rise, it’s important we don’t want any of you sticking out like a sore thumb by always using a desktop to place your bets. Blend in with the crowd and you’ll improve long-term profitability.


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