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Sporting Bet

A leading bookmaker within the UK and a long, well established reputation in the UK.

They regularly provide ongoing free bets for existing customers so make sure you regularly check our blog on ways to profit from them.


Bet £200 Get £50 Bonus

Trigger Bet: 10 x £20
Minimum Odds: 1.5
Bonus: 1x £10, 2 x £20 (Bonus wagering requirement: 3x bonus (i.e. 1 x £30, 2 x £60)
Your Profit: £35
Full terms: Click here (Bottom of the page)

How You Receive Your £50 Bonus

After the first £20 trigger bet you receive a £10 bonus.

Then place 4 x £20 trigger bets and you receive a £20 bonus.

Then place 5 x £20 trigger bets and you receive another £20 bonus.

In total this is £200 worth of bets to receive £50 in bonuses, so a Bet £200 Get £50 Bonus offer!

£35 Profit Explained

The £10 and £20 bonuses have a 3x wagering requirement (i.e. £30 and £60 wagering respectively), this makes them more profitable than free bets!

Simply place your £10 or £20 bonus on a team with 2.0 odds or higher. If it loses, great! The bonus has in effect been transferred to the exchange. If not, then just place a second bet with your bonus to finish the wagering!

You will lose up to £7 from wagering the £50 worth of bonuses (£180 total wagering) and £8 from the £200 worth of trigger bets, this gives a net profit of £35 profit risk free.


Sign Up to a Betting Exchange (Choose One)

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Choose between Smarkets, Betfair, and Betdaq. These are the three most popular betting exchanges. They will charge a small commission (between 2% and 5%). Please read our matched betting step by step guide if you would like more information. 

TIP: Don’t always go for the one offering the lowest commission, as they may have less members willing to accept your bet (liquidity)


Sign Up to Sportingbet & Find a Bet


Calculate your Lay Bet


Place your Bets


Repeat with your Free Bet (using our calculator)

Your £10, £20 and £20 bonuses will be added within 48 hours of the trigger bets being settled. 

The bonuses have a 3x wagering, so you need to wager these £30 and £60 respectively.

Congratulations! You’ve made a profit!

If you want to make more, follow our guides on opening new accounts with other bookmakers. And if you want to make more with existing bookmakers, sign up to our weekly and daily newsletters, and regularly visit our site.